Important Resources and FAQ's

The University Bursar's Office is dedicated to offering timely, dependable, and secure financial services to students, parents, faculty, and all members of the greater SDSU community. We aim to deliver clear and transparent services promptly. To facilitate efficient services and quick turnaround times, we have included links to important resources, forms, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find Tuition Due Dates on the University Bursar's website under "Tuition Payment Due Dates"

You can find important dates on the University Bursar's website under "Important Dates". For Fall 2024 - the disbursement date is August 16th 

Graduation is not the criteria used. If at any time you drop below half time status at the University from which you received your loan, you are responsible for completing your exit interview. Your grace period and subsequently repayment will begin. If you re-enroll at least half time, you can file a student deferment. To complete your exit interview for your Federal Student Loans, login to Federal Student Aid website. To complete your exit interview for a Perkins Loan, Dream Loan, or University Long Term Loan, please contact Heartland ECSI at (888)549-3274.

Please contact the Financial Aid Retention Department: [email protected]

Please contact the University Bursar's Office Retention Department: [email protected]

You can find Installment Payment Plan information on the University Bursar's website under "How To Pay".

Please fill out a Special Consideration Form found on the University Bursar's website.

Fill out the University Bursar's Office Statement Request Form. Form can also be found on the University Bursar's Office website under Tuition and Fees.

Retention Payment Plans (RPP) are for current-term students with an outstanding tuition balance. If you do not use Financial Aid to fund your education click here to appy for an RPP. Otherwise, email the Financial Aid Retention Department: [email protected]

The deadline to enroll in the Installment Plan is the Schedule Adjustment deadline. Please visit "Intallment Payment Plans" for more information regarding installment payment plans. Late registration participants may enroll in the installment plan - a $50 late registration fee will be accrued in addition to any related installment fees

Basic Tuition & Fees installment plan is not available for summer sessions.

No, this is a non-petitionable item. These fees are not eligible for refund through the appeals process: Intent to Enroll, Housing Deposit, Late Schedule Adjustment Fee, Retroactive Withdrawal fee, SDSU card, SDSU replacement card, Installment Plan service charge, credit card service fee(s), First Year Experience Fee, etc. For full list click here.

The University reserves the right to impose Late Payment Fees if students do not pay their tuition by the designated due date. Please refer to Money Matters, the student financial reference guide, to learn more about Late Payment Fees and other important financial information.

Yes, Campus-Based Fees are mandatory fees that cover specific, campus-based fixed costs and ongoing expenses of maintaining and operating student programs, services and facilities. All students pay tuition and campus mandatory fees whether they attend full-time, part-time, online or abroad—and even if they do not expect to ever use the programs or facilities supported by the fee. Please refer to the University Bursar's website for more information.

A Retention Payment Plan (RPP) does not remove registration holds. The RPP provides the student with a solution to help pay the University debt in monthly payments and protects their account from going into collections. A student on an RPP is only able to register for courses once their balance is paid in full. 

A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings account designed to be used for the beneficiary's education expenses. The account holder can use the funds to pay all or a portion of a student's tuition & fees at SDSU. Additional information regarding 529 plans can be located on our webiste here

Your account has a past due bill which triggered this notice. Please resolve the past due bill to fix the problem. Current students can pay in my.SDSU and former students can pay here. Use this helpful guide for assistance with payment.

You must have completed only one appeal.  You need an approved Late Schedule Change from the Registrar's Office and an approved petition for Special Consideration of your Tuition and Fees from the University Bursar's Office.

Information on Short-Term loans can be found on the University Bursar website or by clicking here. To submit an application click here or visit the University Bursar's website under Important Resources and FAQ's under forms.