How to Pay Tuition and Fees and Other University Charges

Former students:
SDSU has completed the conversion process from our Legacy system to my.SDSU.
If you would like to make a payment please click link below.
Thank you for your patience during this transition.

SDSU has transitioned to a singular portal: my.SDSU, that streamlines the enrollment, registration, financial aid and student accounts processes. In addition to this change, SDSU has moved to a "post-pay model" for paying Basic Tuition & Fees.

This means you will pay your tuition & fees in my.SDSU after you have enrolled in classes for a given term. Please refer to your my.SDSU "Financial Account Tile" for your specific due date.

Paying online is the fastest and most secure way to pay. To log in to the payment portal select one of the following links:


How to Pay Tuition Online

Please Note: Please allow 1-2 business days following your registration into classes to see your charges on my.SDSU. You must be registered for a given term to make payments in my.SDSU. The due date for all tuition fees is posted in my.SDSU under the Financial Account tile.
Please review the How Do I Pay Basic Tuition and Fees? guide on the my.sdsu site. 

Enrolling in a Tuition Payment Plan

Unable to pay your tuition and fees in full? Consider enrolling in an Tuition Payment Plan as a way to manage your educational expenses. To enroll in an Installment Plan log into my.SDSU and:

Enrollment must be completed online, Installment Plan applications are no longer accepted in-person. To enroll in a Tuition Plan:

  1. Log into your my.SDSU account.
  2. Click on the "Financial Account" tile
  3. Click “Account Services”
  4. Click "Enroll in Payment Plan"
  5. Choose "Fall 2023 Payment Plan"

Be sure to read and accept the acknowledgment of the terms of the agreement. 

* The deadline to enroll in a payment plan is the Schedule Adjustment Deadline of the term.

Tuition Payment Plans