Veterans Benefits

Post 911 GI Bill Benefits®

If you are a veterans receiving Post 911 GI Bill benefits, contact the Veterans Affairs Office, Student Services West 1661, and submit an approved VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE) by your fee payment deadline. Once submitted the VA Office will notify us of your eligibility to register for classes

Cal Vet Fee Waiver

If you are an eligible dependent receiving the Cal Vet Fee Waiver please submit an approved letter of eligibility issued by the County VA for the current Academic Year to the campus Veterans Affairs Office—Student Services West 1661. This must be submitted by your fee payment deadline. Once submitted the VA Office will notify Student Accounts of your eligibility to register for classes.

Please note that the Cal Vet Fee waiver will only waive the CSU system wide Basic Tuition fee; all other mandatory campus fees are required to be paid each semester.

Veterans Readiness and Employment (Chapter 31)

If you are receiving Veterans Readiness and Employment benefits (Chapter 31), contact the Veterans Affairs Office, Student Services West 1661, to obtain a payment authorization form to submit to our office by your fee payment deadline.

Tuition Assistance for Active Duty and Reservist

To determine your eligibility for TA, please contact your Education Service Officer (ESO) for details.

Active Duty military service members please visit your service-specific portal to learn more about Tuition Assistance policies.

Once approved, submit your approved TA Authorization to the SDSU University Bursar's Office.

Dept. of Defense (DoD) Tuition Assistance Rates Per Unit

Registration Status Rate
Undergraduate $555.00
Undergraduate (Out-of-State) $951.00
Teacher Credential $644.00
Teacher Credential (Out-of-State) $1040.00
Graduate $694.00
Graduate (Out-of-State) $1090.00
Distance Learning (Undergraduate) $531.00
Distance Learning (Graduate) $975.00
DoD Military TA (Academic Year 2024-25) Per-Unit Rate Chart

Return of Tuition Assistance Requirements

The University Bursar's Office will perform a Return of Tuition Assistance (TA) calculation when a TA recipient withdraws from his or her course. When a student who has received TA funds withdraws or otherwise fails to complete a period of enrollment for which he or she was charged, the university is required to determine if unearned TA funds must be returned to the appropriate branch of service. Calculations will be based on the withdrawal date and the percentage of the period of enrollment completed.

Return of TA funds process may result in the student owing the university for unpaid tuition and fees. After the drop/add deadline of the semester, schedule adjustments are only permitted for serious and compelling reasons.

A student earns 100 percent of the Tuition Assistance funding once he or she has completed more than 60 percent of the course. For example, if a student withdraws from a 16-week course prior to the last day to receive a refund (see Prorated Refund Schedule), then the return to Tuition Assistance would be calculated and refunded accordingly.